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Go - Global Opportunities

As a local church, our primary service and activity will be local, among the people where God has placed us.  But we have a global faith and God who is calling all peoples to worship Him.  The gospel compels us to reach out beyond our borders to brothers and sisters - and a world - in need. 

Each year we desire to send a team internationally to come alongside ministry leaders or churches we personally know and trust  - to assist in their long-term efforts and to radically stretch our faith as a church.  Below are two regions of the worlds where we have sent, or will be sending, short-term teams. 


There are many churches but there is little education and training in this part of the world. We have the freedom to go and assist by helping bring personal, gospel-centered teaching and care as we love and learn from our brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Our plan is to continue to send short-term teams of youth, parents, and singles to Managua, Nicaragua to work with our missionary friends (and past members of Palm Vista), Tony & Amber Elswick.

Central Asia

Why Central Asia? Here lie some of the least evangelized people-groups in the world.  Churches are few and minuscule and in need of teaching, assistance, and/or encouragement. We can come alongside and befriend locals, share our faith, breakdown stereotypes, and serve indigenous believers.  

Past Trips to the Carribbean

We have enjoyed rich relationships with churches in the Caribbean, the birthplace or background of many of our members.  Below are a few memories of the past (with hopefully more to come). 

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