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Go - Ministry Teams in the Church

We are in the process of commissioning deacons (servant-leaders) to oversee the following areas of ministry in our church.  Each ministry grouping listed is comprised of individuals who are using their gifts to not only serve our members but to serve our guests and future guests, even you! Careful administration is love and leadership in action.

  • Communications

    Our website, social media presence, newsletters, and calendars are all part of communicating our purpose, our vision, our values, and our life as a church. We are always looking for creative and clear communicators to serve our church, guests, and curious onlookers through electronic and print media. 

  • Follow-up & outreach

    While we believe each Christian has the joyful calling of sharing his/her faith and the love of Christ with others, we need people to help provide encouragement and contexts to engage our community as a church. Coordinating effective follow-up of guests and serving those around us takes intentionality and a coordinated effort.  

  • Sunday Logistics

    Sundays simply won't happen without teams of dedicated people who primarily work behind the scenes to provide the logistical help needed: setup, security, hospitality, sound & audio-visual, aesthetics . . . to name of few of the ministry teams which comprise Sunday logistics. Meeting in and transforming a school environment each Sunday takes many hands - and binds us together as we serve together. 

  • Children's ministry

    Our Kidz Zone Children's ministry which takes place simultaneous to our Sunday worship service is a big deal!  Providing a welcoming, safe, learning environment takes training, accountability, and a lot of time. We don't outsource the care of our children but take joy in having our members serve our children through setup, check-in, nursery care, teaching, and worship in music. 

  • Special Events

    Each year we host special events like parenting or marriage seminars or women's retreats.  We also attend conferences for the enrichment and equipping of our members. All of this takes event planning and promotion.  It takes gifted, skilled individuals to help make all these activities a success and blessing to many. 

  • Finances

    Our financial integrity and stewardship is of utmost importance as a church.  Having processes in place to ensure the proper handling and investment of money takes trusted individuals who can assist the collection, depositing, budgeting, record-keeping, and communication of our finances.  This is why we advocate for a financial committee and deacon of finances to assist the pastors.