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Go - Serving our Community & Nation

Some of the most effective, targeted outreach to our community is being done by organizations working in coordination with local churches here in South Florida and beyond. When possible, we want to come alongside these organizations, especially those spearheaded or served by our very own members. Below is a sampling of local (and national) ministries which our members help lead.

Championing the Sanctity and Dignity of Every Human Life

Meet some of our members and their ministries that are championing the sanctity of life and the God-given dignity and worth of every person.  In doing so, they are living out the gospel in word and deed as they seek to rescue the helpless, defenseless, and enslaved; and giving gospel hope (and a home) to the "the least of these" (Matthew 25:31-40).


    Jeannie Pernia  

    Heartbeat of Miami provides life-saving help in a life-changing way to women and families with an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. They provide pregnancy tests, counseling, ultrasounds, material goods, and adoption referrals. Above all, they share the gospel with everyone who comes to their clinics. Jeannie is the co-founder of Heartbeat and Director of "Restoring the Heart", a post-abortion healing ministry. Heartbeat has had over 37,000 client visits and over 17,000 babies born to the ministry. They currently have four locations throughout Miami-Dade county. 

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  • The Life of freedom Center 

    Kevin & Claudia Abegg

    The Life of Freedom Center is a dedicated community resource that offers free support and restorative programs for female survivors of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Through mentorship training, The LoF Center equips women to mentor (disciple) trafficking survivors and walk them through a recovery process towards a normal life free of exploitation. The “Sharing One Love” program educates churches, businesses and student organizations on how to recognize and safely respond to trafficking situations. Kevin is the LoF Center Director of Operations and Claudia is a mentor in training, providing all around support for Kevin and the ministry. 

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  • His House Children's Home 

    Sabrina Sosa & Sasha Montenegro

    His House Children’s Home is a private, faith-based non-profit organization dedicated to restoring joy to the lives of children from newborn to 18 years of age. Since it was established in 1989, His House has been offering safe, caring homes to abused, abandoned and neglected children in South Florida.

    Sabrina is a licensed Mental Health Therapist at His House providing counseling services to unaccompanied immigrant children until they are reunified with family members, friends or sponsors. These minors, ages 5-17, are primarily from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Our other member, Sasha, is a childcare professional who works directly with the children in the home, getting them to school or doctor appointments and helping with homework or dinner prep (to name a few activities). 

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  • Adoption

    Some of the most personal and profound ministry takes place in the homes of our members who have chosen to adopt children, locally and internationally.  Being "pro-life" entails not only endeavoring to stop abortion - but helping provide a life-giving family and home for unwanted or parentless children.

    Pictured is one such family among several in our church who has chosen to adopt.  

Championing the Stewardship of All Creation

  • Cornwall Alliance

    Cal Beisner

    Dr. E. Calvin Beisner is the Founder and National Spokesman for the Cornwall Alliance. This is network of evangelical theologians, natural scientists, economists, and policy experts serving at universities and think tanks around North America and the world. Its mission is to promote three things simultaneously through the integration of Biblical worldview, theology, and ethics with excellent science and economics: 1. Biblical earth stewardship (Genesis 1:28), 2. Economic development for the poor, and 3. Proclamation and defense of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Cal coordinates the volunteer research and educational activities of the roughly sixty scholars in the network in writing papers and articles, testifying as expert witnesses before Congressional committees, producing video documentaries and curriculum, appearing as guests on talk shows, and speaking for colleges, schools, churches, and conferences. 

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Throwing a Christmas Party for South Florida

  • Christmas near the Beach

    Mickey and Denna McDaniel

    Mickey and Denna are the founders of Christmas Near the Beach which has been held in Hollywood, Florida for the past ten years.  It's a fun, intentional way of celebrating Christ's birth through song, dance, performances, and festivities in our community - drawing over 7,000 people this past year.  More are expected in 2016 when Christmas Near The Beach attempts to break the Guinness Book of World Records for “Most People Caroling”.  Come join us on December 10, 2016!

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