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Connect - Our Sunday Gathering

The gospel of Jesus Christ connects us to God and the church (one another). Our Sunday gathering gives expression to this connection as we gather as an entire church - to worship God and receive instruction together. We need God's Word. We need each other. We need Sundays. 

What to Expect on Sundays

  • A friendly environment.  Hospitality and relationships are important to us. You will find joyful people who want to meet and serve you. 
  • A diverse church.  You'll see people of all ages and many different cultures and backgrounds. It's the gospel of Jesus Christ that makes us one family. 
  • A relaxed atmosphere.  You'll notice that some people will dress up and others will dress casually. Come as you are and feel free to wear what's comfortable to you. 
  • A place for the whole family.  We have a children's ministry for ages 6 months through 10 years of age which takes place simultaneous to our adult service. We also provide simultaneous translation for all friends and family who would feel more comfortable in Spanish.

  • A one and a half hour Sunday service.  We begin our service with about 10 minutes of prayer led by different members of our church. We then move right into 20-25 minutes of worship in song. After a brief time of announcements, we typically preach from a specific book of the Bible for 40 minutes, followed by a response time through song and/or prayer. We begin at 10:30am and conclude by 12:00pm.
  • A guest reception.  At the conclusion of the service, we will host a brief, informal guest reception where you can meet our pastors and find out more information about our church.

Worship in Prayer and Song

We begin our worship service with prayer led by members of our church. We express our need for God to move and act according to His steadfast love and mercy - in our family, church, community, nation, and across the globe. 

Our time of prayer leads us into singing as we thank God and respond to His great love for us. We chose doctrinally rich songs, whether contemporary or hymns, that center us upon the cross and all that has been accomplished for us and promised to us in Christ. When we sing together corporately, we are not only singing to God but to one another as a people for our mutual edification (Colossians 3:16).  It's one more way we connect to God and one another on Sundays. 

We have the privilege of being led in song by our worship band leader, Zeke Cuevas.

Worship in the Word

The climax of our Sunday mornings is the preaching of Holy Scripture where God has revealed Himself and His Son, Jesus Christ, most clearly.  

To that end, we are committed to expository preaching (teaching God’s Word verse by verse). We typically spend several months in one book of the Bible to accurately understand the context of what we are reading and rightly apply what we are hearing. 

Al Pino or Corey Schmatjen, our two pastors, do the majority of the preaching on Sunday morning. To sample a sermon (or two), go to Audio.  To read more about our pastors, go here.  

Kidz Zone Children's Ministry

While the Worship Service (above) is going on, we also have our Kidz Zone Children's Ministry for young children as an optional choice for our parents.

Common Questions

For what ages do you provide children’s ministry? 

Kidz Zone is for ages 6 months through 10 years of age. 

When is it? 

Kidz Zone takes place simultaneous to the adult worshp service, starting at 10:30am. 

Is it safe? 

All of our Kidz Zone workers have gone through a comprehensive screening which includes a background check. We use the latest technology for secure check-in and computer generated name badges each week. We have also formed a security team and on-call medical team should any need or emergency arise.

What do they do? 

Ages 6 months – 2 years are cared for in our nursery for the duration of the adult service. Ages 3 -10 participate in an interactive worship time through song for the first 15 minutes. They then go back to their classrooms to receive age-appropriate teaching.

What do the children learn? 

First, we want to teach our children that God is BIG and worthy of praise. We have a team of talented musicians and helpers who lead the children in song, hand motions, and Bible memorization. In the classrooms, we are going through a curriculum entitled "God’s Story" which walks our children through the entire storyline of the Bible from start to finish. We want our children to see the BIG picture of God’s grace & Christ from all of Scripture. 

Bible45 Classes

Three times per year we offer six-week courses which we call "Bible45". That's 45 minutes of Bible teaching and instruction at 9:30am prior to the start of the Sunday worship service. Each class is part of our discipleship process: "In Christ, we connect, grow, and go."

1. Connect 101 (For those who are exploring membership)

Connect 101 is designed to introduce you to Palm Vista Community Church. We invite you to join us for what we hope will be a clear and informative overview of our church in order to answer such important questions related to our doctrine, church life, organization, and our discipleship process. (Childcare is provided.)

2. Either Grow 201 or Go 301 (For those who are members)

These courses are designed to help you grow in the grace of the gospel as a disciple (Grow 201); and help you serve in your gifts and the power of the gospel as we seek to make disciples (Go 301).