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Grow - Our Community Group Ministry

Our spiritual growth and maturation is not just an individual pursuit but a community effort (Ephesians 4:11-16).  With that in mind, the centerpiece of our Grow discipleship process is small groups, starting with what we call our "community groups".

Community Groups

One of the joys of our church is participating in community groups with other church members. Each group meets at various times and locations each month (see below) in order to help each other apply what we are learning on Sundays (the truths of Scripture) to our everyday lives (personal practice).

The relationships that develop through our community groups are the "heart and soul" of our church. Participating in community groups is a primary way we grow, learn to serve and love one another, and become a community that displays the love of Christ.

We ask that every member faithfully commit to a community group - not only for their benefit but also for the sake of others who will be served by their participation. So come join us and plug in!

Men's Breakfast

Our men only gather together one a quarter for teaching and discussion on biblical manhood.  This is a time to deepen their biblical fellowship, sharpen each other, and encourage one another in challenges pertaining to men.

Women's Night

On the second week of the month, our women gather in their respective community groups for teaching and discussion on biblical womanhood. This affords a unique opportunity to get to know one another better, encourage one another, and bear each aother's burdens as women. 

Our Community Group Leaders

Here is a listing of our current community group leaders and when they meet.  These co-ed groups are open to everyone -- members and those who are not yet members.  You are officially invited! 

  • Gary & Ashley Beecham (Wednesday)

    Gary and Ashley are from North and South Carolina, respectively. They were married in 2007 and a year later moved to South Florida to work at the University of Miami. Gary is a professor in the Department of Human Genetics and Ashley is a research analyst in the Intitute for Human Genomics (and current PhD student). They heard about Palm Vista through word-of-mouth and stayed because of the Christ-centered preaching and biblical fellowship. They have a heart for people as well as a passion to share the gospel and care for others.

  • Al & Desi Pino (Wednesday)

    Al and Desi were members of the original community group - when the church began in their living room back in 1997. They have been married for 30 years and raised their four children at Palm Vista. Desi is a creative, gracious servant who has led our women's ministry from the beginning of our church. More information on Al can be found under "Our Pastors" at  About Us > In a nutshell

  • Corey & Cindy Schmatjen  (Thursday)

    Corey and Cindy have been married for over 20 years and raised their five children at Palm Vista. Cindy is a homeschooling mom with a B.A. in Entrepreneurial Studies.  She loves the outdoors, animals, and going on crazy camping trips with her husband and children. More information on Corey can be found under "Our Pastors" at About Us > In a nutshell.

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